About One Planet Photography

The distinctive flavor of my work stems from my interest in documenting spontaneous moments of everyday life, among people of diverse cultures. I am especially drawn to indigenous cultures that have retained their time-honored traditions, their cultural integrity. I combine my aesthetic vision as a fine art photographer with my instincts as a photojournalist to produce images with a sense of place... and more importantly, a feeling for the strength and dignity of the human spirit.

I try to convey the magical quality of moments I've experienced in distant lands... the full moon as it sinks behind a sun warmed ridge in early dawn... the shy grins of young boys being photographed for the first time... or the beauty of indigenous architecture in a far off village.

My goal is to transport you geographically, and move you emotionally to a place of greater empathy and understanding. I hope that after spending time with my images, you will leave with renewed respect for the dignity of all peoples, and a heartfelt appreciation for this planet's rich cultural tapestry, of which we are all a part.

I offer archivally processed and matted photographs in color and black & white, hand printed and signed by myself, in limited editions of 200. My black & white images are printed on the finest fiber-based, silver gelatin paper, then carefully hand processed to museum standards for stability and longevity. I’ve printed my color images on the latest generation of archival color printing materials, Fujichrome Type 35SG. With proper care, these prints will not deteriorate for generations to come. I am among a select group of photographers who print their own images, adhering to these high standards.

Thank you for your interest in my work, and I hope our paths cross in the near future.

Greg Lawler

Greg Lawler

One Planet Photography contributes a portion of its annual profits to many Third World causes, especially to Oxfam, a nonprofit organization that promotes self-reliance through sustainable agriculture and traditional craft projects around the developing world.